National Policy on Hazing

Alpha Sigma Alpha forbids hazing.  Hazing is defined as an activity which endangers the physical safety of a person; produces mental or physical discomfort; causes embarrassment, fright, humiliation, or ridicule; or degrades the individual — whether is it intentional or unintentional.

Alpha Sigma Alpha members will not allow themselves or others to be subjected to any treatment which debases the individual’s status or robs her of dignity.  As hazing is both illegal and detrimental, it is the responsibility of each chapter, its members, alumnae and advisors to prevent any form of hazing.

The National Council will investigate any report of hazing.  Confirmation of such activity will be followed by disciplinary action such as termination of memberships, chapter probation, and/or the revocation of the chapter’s charter.

ASA – 328, Revised by National Council 6/94, 4/96

National Policy on Human Dignity

Alpha Sigma Alpha prohibits any policy or practice which bars admission on the basis or race, color, creed, religion or nation origin.  The sorority supports the concept of equality and is committed to building a society where human judgments are based on merit, without regard to gender, race, religious preference or disability.  Alpha Sigma Alpha firmly repudiates action and statements that negate the concepts of self-respect, personal development, equality and dignity.

Alpha Sigma Alpha Expects That:

  1. Each member will decline to participate in any form of hazing.
  2. Each member will decline to participate in activities degrading and demeaning to women, men or persons with disabilities.
  3. Each members will decline to participate in degrading or demeaning activities based on religion or race
  4. Each chapter will educate its members about issues facing collegiate women such as substance abuse, sexual harassment, eating disorders, and AIDS & other sexually transmitted diseases.


    One of our founders, Louise Cox Carper, wrote, “The fundamental purpose of a sorority is to cultivate those qualities which will help its members meet more successfully the events of life.  A sorority is the training ground for the cultivation of the act of living in harmony with other people.”