Aims and Values

Each member of Alpha Sigma Alpha is encouraged to be intellectually alert, physically fit, socially just and spiritually minded.

The intellectual aim is fulfilled through chapter programs implemented to provide members with more opportunities to excel in academics.  Our chapter assigns Major Moms to new members to help them pick the right classes and understand more about their major and their professors.  Alpha Beta also upholds a GPA requirement for members and our Scholarship chairman works with those members unable to meet that requirement.  Many members work with one another throughout the school year in terms of study sessions and tutoring.

The physical aim is fulfilled through our chapter’s participation in intramural sports throughout the year. During the spring, Alphas play anything from basketball to soccer, and during the fall, we play flag football, tennis and many more!  Our members also participate in Rec classes run by other Alpha Betas.

The social aim is fulfilled through date parties and formals, as well as dinners and activities with various campus organization such as fraternities.  Some sisterhood activities Alpha Beta members participate in include game nights, bowling at Leisure World, having barbecues, seeing movies at the Kirksville Cinema, and eating together on campus. Spending time with each other

The spiritual aim is fulfilled through personal reflection and growing connections with other members.  These are essential aspects of personal well-being.  Alpha Beta has several programs to aid its members in achieving their desired level of spirituality and forming deep bonds of sisterhood among all members.