25 December, 2013


Puppy Love for Tally

Alpha Beta has its own chapter philanthropy exclusive to Truman State. Puppy Love for Tally is dedicated to our sister who passed away in 1991, Tally J. Stephens. Our philanthropy honors Tally and her love of animals by raising money for the Humane Society. In the spring, we spend a week hosting this philanthropic event. We bring puppies onto the quad for people to play with and collect money and items for the Humane Society. Many of the puppies that we bring onto the quad end up getting adopted. Overall, this is a fun and successful way to help out the Humane Society and a great way for us to honor Tally.


S. June Smith Center


The S. June Smith Center, located in Lancaster, PA, is dedicated to children with disabilities. The Center focuses on supporting those with disabilities within their families, schools, and communities. Dr. S. June Smith was a member of ΑΣΑ and served as a member of the national council. Alpha Sigma Alpha became a philanthropic partner to the S. June Smith Center in 1990.


Girls on the Run

Alpha Sigma Alpha partnered with Girls on the Run International in 2012. Girls on the Run is a program for 3rd through 8th grade girls focused on the physical and emotional development of girls by teaching lessons and running. At the end of the program, the girls run a celebratory 5k. Alpha Sigma Alpha members and alumnae work with Girls on the Run by volunteering to coach, assisting during the 5k, and running along with the girls.


Special Olympics

Alpha Sigma Alpha adopted the Special Olympics as a philanthropic partner in 1976. Special Olympics promotes respect and acceptance of those with intellectual disabilities and provides year-round sports training and hosts competitions. Alpha Sigma Alpha members raise money for the organization and help out at events.


ΑΣΑ Foundation


The ΑΣΑ Foundation is a philanthropy focused on raising money for its members. This money goes towards scholarship, educational and leadership grants as well as membership advancement. The goal of the Foundation is to motivate and aid Alpha Sigma Alpha members in their personal and professional aspirations.